ESSCOM – 11m Aero Patrol Boat & 12 Meter Interceptor (RFIB) Boat

11 m aero patrol boat

The boat was built by Aerovation Sdn Bhd (joint venture with Tan Vien Dong Trading Co. Ltd (TVD) and delivered to ESSCOM. The two types of boat was used to carry out regular patrol duties particularly in coastal areas and the extensive marine areas. The Aero Patrol Boat and RFIB Boat shall be supplied so as to operate in the extreme local tropical weather conditions. The Aero Patrol Boat and RFIB Boat will have excellent sea keeping and handling characteristics and will be fully operational in sea state 3 condition. Various strenuous tests have been carried out previously on the boat to ensure the boat is tough for military application as well as durable.

12 m rfib bot (1)



Watercat M14 is a mono v-hull construction with chine. The boat is driven by twin 525 kW marine diesel engines and Rolls-Royce FF410S water jets propulsion which give the boat a full load top speed of over 40 kn. Sprint speed for the light weight vessel (14 ton ) has been over 45 knots.

The water jet system gives the boat excellent maneuverability and when necessary the boat can be stopped almost within one boat’s length from full ahead. An essential advantage in coastal use is that, due to the water jet propulsion, the bottom of the boat is perfectly smooth which enables the boat to operate safely in very shallow waters.

The detachable wheelhouse is situated on the engine room and the cargo hold/passengers compartment is located in front of the wheelhouse. The area is equipped with 16 pcs of damped seats with seat belts and a toilet with shower and fresh water system. Hydraulically operated bow ramp enables fast loading / unloading of the cargo and transported personnel. The boat has a ballistic protection in the hull and wheelhouse and can be equipped with two 7,62 mm or 12,7mm machine guns.