GRE / GRP pipes and fittings are made of Fiber Glass and high property Polyester Resin / Epoxy Resin. These materials provide the high physical properties. These pipes  are manufactured according to International Standards. The wide range of fittings provided by HGP ensures that pipe design according to AWWA MANUAL M45 / C950.


HLBhas been selected as the world class product of the Korea by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.


GRE PIPE Advantage:

1.GRE PIPE is more stronger and it has superior thermal resistance thab GRP/PE Pipe.
2.GRE PIPE has excellent corrosion resistance than GRP/PE Pipe.
3.GRE PIPE can be used in various ways and it is suitable for hihg pressure and temperature.
4.Generally, GRE PIPE INSTALLATION (BELL & SPIGOT) is more than  GRP/PE Pipe.
5.GRE PIPE is manufactured by high cost and elaborate machine.
6.GRE PIPE needs to oven for curing, but it has more thermal resistance.
7.GRE PIPE can be cured at low temperature, so it is easy to work.
8.When take a hydrostatic test, GRE PIPE can endure in high pressure.
9.GRE PIPE’s wall thickness is thin than GRP/PE Pipe but when operating condition is same.
10.GRE PIPE’s useable life is more longer than GRP/PE Pipe.

GRE PIPE of Specifications :

•Design : 0 ~ 64 Bar / Under Ø 200 – 180 Bar
•Pipe size : Ø15 ~ Ø1000
•Pipe type : Conductive / Non Conductive Type
•Fittings : Elbow, Tee, Flange, Reducer, Saddle, Ex[ansion Coupling, Socket
•Installation Method : Spigot/Taper Joint, Flange Joint, Coupling Joint, Threaded Joint
•Max. Temperature : 110°c
•Fire Endurance Level : Level 3

GRE PIPE of Applications:

pipe applications
Chemical Resistance (Max Recommended Service Temperature °c)

Chemical Resistance 1Chemical Resistance 2 

Type of Approval Certificates

approval cert


approval cert 1